Book of Residential Remodeling Images

7thAve_MyPub_book.jpgWith some of the recent advances in on-line book publishing we’ve discovered that it’s really easy to produce a stunning book of photographic images. In this book we feature images from one residence, identified as the 7th Ave Residence. This is the project that won one our our clients, Jeff King Remmie awards for first place in green design and grand prize for best overall excellence. and was featured on the Green Home Tour recently. You can look at the book at

Solano Stroll Booth

Solanostrollbooth1_m.jpgOn September 9 we had our first adventure in selling artwork in a street fair. This event took place on Solano Avenue, sponsored by the Solano Avenue Association. We had on display a number of Treve’s larger panoramas plus a number of small items including note cards, tote bags and prints. Many of these items are now available in our on-line store. In this picture you see Joann, Treve’s wife, handing one of our promotional post cards to a passer-by. 

TurnerBuilt Produces a Book

tbi_book.jpgMartha Anne Kuntz, the art director for TurnerBuilt, has produced a book of TurnerBuilt projects, as a portfolio to show to prospective clients. TurnerBuilt, provides high-end remodeling services to clients in and around Half Moon Bay. The photography in the book is excluseivly Treve’s work. You can view the book here.