AIA Awards

jk_7thav_7998.jpg The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently awarded one of our clients, Malcolm Davis Architecture, a Citation award for the 2008 Exceptional Residential: Bay Area Regional Design Awards. This project has also won a number of other awards and recognitions, including Build It Green Home Tour 2007, First Place People’s Choice Award, Best Large Scale Remodel
First Prize Winner in Green Remodeling and Grand Prize for Overall Excellence from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). The contractor on the project was Jeff King and Company

Cover of Upscale Remodeling

www.treve.comOne of Treve’s photos is on the cover of the Spring issue of Upscale Remodling. This kitchen represents the work of Jeff King and Company. The project was the renovation of an 1892 Victorian Row house to provide a connection to the outdoors while melding modern amenities with historical details. The cover photo goes along with a feature story titled Artful Living exploring a number of creative details about the project.

Dance-A-Rama 2008

Earth Song - Giving Thanks to the Earth. Performed at Dance-A-Rama 2008.On May 4 Treve participated in Dance-A-Rama, an annual event in which dancers give free performances in an open-studio environment. Treve’s participation involves setting up his panoramic camera in the middle of the performance space and then having dancers move in front of the camera as it scans the scene. This year Treve’s piece was titled Earth Song – Giving thanks for the Earth. Members of the audience were invited to form a circle around the performance space and to hold banners with text based on Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun. One of the dancers, Jim Jim Beatty, read periodically from the banners during the course of the performance. Treve uses a collection of bells and sound makers to communicate with the dancers, providing a sense of rhythm. Two images are posted in the dance gallery on this website. We Thank dancers Jim Beatty, Ann Swigart, Aileen Kim and Terrain for their help and for the many outstanding dance performances that went on throughout Dance-A-Rama.