Let’s Make a Splash!


Summer’s here and it’s time to make a splash! This is an image we recently sent this image out with an email blast to graphic designers and advertising agencies with the intent of generating interest in stock sales and assignment work. You can click here to promotional piece. You can see more of Treve’s lifestyle work on his Photoshelter site.

Vacation House in a Vineyard

tjp_2009_9107_10It isn’t always the case that dusk can provide the most dramatic architectural image of a building, but Treve likes the effect of the dark blue sky and the house that seems to glow with warmth from within. This is a project that Treve originally photographed a couple of months ago, returning recently to create a few more images that take advantage of dusk.  This house, which sits in the middle of Dragonsleaf vineyards is available as a vacation rental through Woodfield Properties.