Dublin BART Station

One of our clients, PGA Design, a landscape architecture firm hired us recently to photograph a plaza they designed for the Dublin BART station. We decided that since some of the landscaping features had lights that photos at dusk might show off the facility. Right on schedule, a train pulled into the station, giving some context to the composition.

Client wins Gold Nugget Award

One of our clients, McCamant & Durrett Architects won a Gold Nugget Award with an affordable housing project, Petaluma Avenue Homes.  The project provides 45 units of affordable housing with solar power and a wildlife area.  We photographed this project in March and one of the things we like is the open space and pathways. Vehicle parking is on the perimeter which keeps the open space available for community activities, and children. It’s like having a playground right outside your door.

By the way, while we’re talking about affordable housing check out the article in the May/June issue of Orion Magazine, Eco-City Dreaming by David Oates, on green building and affordable housing. You can listen to David reading the article or download the audio to listen at your convenience..