High Sierra Architecture

It isn’t uncommon that I’m off hiking in the mountains when I’m not photographing architecture for clients. What is uncommon is stumbling onto a fine piece or architecture at 8600 feet in the Sierra, just out side of Sequoia National Park. My wife found this spot, Sequoia High Sierra Camp, after attempting to get into the Yosemite High Sierra Camps, which takes some luck, given the lottery. We spent three nights here.  Dinner, a five course gourmet meal,  is served in this pavilion. The facility is run by Burr Hughes, who creates a very hospitable experience. The pavilion is based on a design by the Roman architect Vitruvius. Burr has taken great efforts to make the facility Eco-friendly.  I’ve posted additional images from the trip in several galleries, including photos of the SHSC, photos taken on a back packing trip prior to our stay here, and photos taken in the vicinity of Sequoia.