Union Bank Exhibit


Union Bank will be putting this image up as part of an exhibit.  This image of the Fox Court housing project in Oakland was created on assignment for Resources for Community Development. Union Bank was the lending partner on the project. This project presented several challenges, with the facade facing North we determined that the best way to treat this would be to capture the image as a HDRI image.  In 2009 when we created this image we were new to HDRI. Now we use HDRI on almost every project, interiors or exteriors.

Keep Your Ears Warm


We don’t promote product photography but last week we got a call from a graphic designer, Wendy Fisher with Moxie Marketing & Design, LLC. that was desperate to have photos of some products for a catalog. We quickly set up a table top studio to photograph 30 knit caps. This one was the most playful, and we thought it would be good to illustrate that we can do more than just photograph buildings. We’ll continue to promote the business of creating award winning architectural images but sometimes it’s fun to have a project that’s out of our norm.


Take the Train

tjp_958_4771_2e3x2Essex Property Trust asked us to photograph the Via Apartment project in Sunnyvale. They were looking for photos that would show the project in context with the adjacent VTA light rail line.  The resulting photos will be used for an award entry. This is one of a couple of dozen photos we captured to illustrate various aspects of the project. This particular image was captured using an HDRI process which resulted in multiple exposures, since the train was moving one of the challenges was to process the multiple exposures so that we didn’t have multiple exposures of the train.  The use of HDR imaging allowed us to manage the highlights on the building while showing details of the train and train platform which were in the shadows. We think the resulting image worked quite well.


Streetscape – Park Street


This is a work-in-progress which will ultimately include a rendering of trees planted along the street. This work was commissioned by Ignition Architecture working in conjunction with the City of Alameda. The architect consulted with us after severeal unsuccessful l attempts to create an image on her own. The challenge was to create a streetscape that would show the store fronts along Park Street without too many visual liabilities. We determined that the best time to capture this image would be on a Saturday morning when traffic would be at a minimum and there would be a minimum of parked cars. Apparently there was some concern about the removal of trees in the fall, you can find more info on the Alameda Patch. The City of Alameda cooperated and provided an assistant to control traffic and move barricades that had been set up to project impending cement work on the street.