More that Meets the Eye

Truck leasing facility in San Leandro

How do you take a boring industrial facility and make it look interesting? You hire a professional.  Creating an image such as the one above is as much about creating an illusion as it is about documenting what’s there. There is a misconception among many of the prospects I talk to that it’s more about the equipment than it is about the craft. The image above is what I envisioned when I originally visited this location. The image below was captured on a walk-through. I suggested to the client that we photograph the building at dusk with the roll up doors open.  The image above, with a little bit of post-production wizardry is the final result. Is it worth hiring a professional that can make this happen? You tell me. This project was captured for Shaddle Construction, Inc. and Thornton Weiler Architect. Sharing the cost of a photo shoot like this one way to get the most from your marketing dollars. Here’s what I captured on the initial walk-through.