Condo Remodel



It isn’t often I can walk into a job site and simply set up the camera and shoot, but this was one such project we photographed for Gilman’s Kitchens and Baths. This was a condo remodeling project of a 1930’s vintage unit it San Mateo. Nicely designed, nicely executed, and the owner’s had good taste in furnishings and art. The place was also spotless when we arrived, and Gilman’s crew, simply packed up their props and went to the next location. This was one of three locations we photographed over the course of the day. We have an ongoing arrangement with Gilman’s, where they supply the staging crew and manage the stating, and I simply show up with the camera and start shooting.


Residential Resort




Here’s a swimming pool designed by one of my clients, David Thorne Landscape Architect. If you look at the far end of the pool you’ll se a rock with a waterfall cascading over a cave. Swim through the waterfall and you find a grotto with a hot tub. It’s projects like this that make my job as a photographer fun.