Photos in the April Diablo Magazine


The April issue of Diablo Magazine has an article about the upcoming Heart of the Home Tour. The article written by Jeanne Berres talks about the homes that will be on tour. The six page spread includes eight of our photos. The article starts on page 46. The Heart of the Home Tour is a fund raising event for the Children’s Support League of the East Bay (CSL). CSL serveS disadvantaged and at-risk children throughout the East Bay.

On the River

Hokulane. A Carver Yacht

We recently had the opportunity to photograph a boat on the Petaluma River. This is a job that came to use through an interior designer we’ve worked with, Jenny Ildefonso of Jentry McGraw Design. ( What made this photo shoot work was the planning we did ahead of time and the styling. I made a visit to the boat a week before the shoot in order to determine what might be involved. I met with the owner, and the interior designer. I decided at that time that we would conduct the interior shots in the late afternoon while the boat was at the dock, and then close to dusk we would head down the river to a location where we could photograph the boat on the water with some color in the sky and with a less distracting background than the marina. Needless to say, Jenny’s selection of props for styling and her attention to detail really helped the interior photos come to life. I think you’ll agree that the styling and the planning made this project work. Hokulane. A Carver Yacht

San Jose Earthquake’s Avaya Stadium

We recently had the opportunity to photograph the San Jose Earthquake’s Avaya Stadium for a client Reliable Concepts Corporation and Brilliant General Maintenance Inc. We were there on Friday February 27, the day before the stadium opened. We had a limited time window, so the challenge was to pick a point of view that would show off the stadium without some of the last minute construction items that I consider to be visual liabilities. The lighting turned out to be a bit contrast-y since we were shooting in the late morning with the sun at a high angle. We used a multiple exposure technique, called HDR to help bring out the details in the shadows while reducing the brightness of the highlights. Fortunately we had some interesting clouds to add some drama to the images. The team was actually on the field practicing when we captured this image. At the clients request we removed the players in post-production.