New Home in Portola Valley



Yesterday evening found us in Portola Valley on the site of a beautiful new home. Designed by architects Mark Tetrault and Marc Lindsell of 2M Architecture and built by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders. We had a crew of five on the photo shoot, both Mark and Marc from 2M, Kimberly Moses
of Kimberly Moses Design, the landscape architect, my assistant Marco Hyman and myself.  At dusk with had two cameras going, with Marco on one side of the house and me on the other. I believe we captured some stunning photos of a truly amazing project. This marks my fifth visit to this location, since we originally visited the site to walk-through and photograph the interior, followed by two days of photography to capture the interiors, another visit in the spring to plan the exterior photos, and last night to capture the exterior images with the landscaping in place.

Dale Hardware Bronze Sculpture

Dale Hardware

I was meeting with a client today and reminded of a photo shoot we did for the client, FCGA Architecture, at Dale Hardware in Fremont.  We did this last fall, and in reviewing the work with the client I was reminded how remarkable it is to see artwork of this scale on a retail location like a hardware store. Life-size bronze sculptures of workers,  Here’s a worker about to loose his footing on a ladder, hanging onto the Dale Hardware sign.  Complete with tool belt.