Planning a Photo Shoot

If you are new to the idea of photographing a project then we’d like to provide some insight into what might go into planning a photo shoot. We occasionally find that new clients are surprised at the planning and effort it takes to to execute a photo shoot.

Before the actual shoot schedule a walk-through to make sure everything is in order.  Take the photographer along if at all possible. Make sure any features that you want to photograph are working. Do any light bulbs need to be replaced? Is there a cleaning service that regularly services the project? Do windows need to be cleaned? Are there windows or skylights that may create glare from the sun? If so, what’s the best time of day to schedule the shoot? Are the furnishings suitable for the message you wish to communicate? Will you need flowers,  fruit or vegetables, towels,  and other props to help bring kitchens or bathrooms to life?

There are only a few of the multitude of details that you might consider when planning a photo shoot. If you’re hiring an experienced professional to photograph the project, he or she can help you determine what you will need to create images that will create the marketing leverage you need. Do not skimp on the planning or the details. The time and the extra cost to plan and execute a professional photo shoot will pay for itself in the end. Marketing your services in the current marketplace is all about the quality of the photography.  You can also visit ASMP.ORG or talk to your photographer for additional information.