Diablo Magazine

The April 2018 issue of Diablo Magazine has a six page spread of our photos accompanying an article about the 30th CSL Heart of the Home Tour. You can check out the the on-line version of the magazine here. The home tour is a fund raising event for the Children’s Support League of the East Bay. The tour takes place April 27 and 28 of this year. You can buy tickes for the event here. This is an opportunity to visit some amazing homes featuring some top designers, contractors and architects. We’ve been providing photographic services pro-bono to CSL for several years, and every year the investment time pays dividends on the business we get through the exposure, not to mention the fact that we’re supporting a worthy cause.




How Do Photographers Work?

Contemporary dining room in Marin with white finishes. Indoor view looking out to back yard.

I received a phone call recently from a prospective client. She wanted to know how I work. I had to stop and think about this for a moment, wondering if she wanted to know about pricing, or something deeper.

My business is photographing architectural subjects. That said, I think of myself as a storyteller more than a photographer. The images I create tell stories, and that story incorporates something about the client’s brand, what makes their work unique, as well as something about the project and what the client wants to communicate about the project. Were there unique challenges, interesting products, or special features that are an important part of the story?

Now it might be possible to show up at a location, sight unseen, and do the best I can to capture a project. This happens often enough when circumstances only allow limited access. However, it’s much better to plan a walk-through with the client to get a sense of the scope of work and any issues to address before the actual photo shoot. Some considerations include site access, the play of sunlight, and staging. Even recently completed projects can have problems with lighting fixtures or other features not working.

I like to have a client representative on the photo shoot. I consider this person to be the creative director, and I ask them to review the images as we shoot to make sure we’re capturing images that tell a compelling story. I work with the camera connected to a lap-top or iPad. This gives me the opportunity to view the captured images on a large screen and to share the previews with the client. It’s also useful to have the client representative as another set of hands, in addition to my assistant to help move furniture, clean the shower glass, or help with any one of a number of other tasks for a successful shoot.

As you can see, creating compelling images that tell a story takes some planning and experience.