Let’s Make a Splash!


Summer’s here and it’s time to make a splash! This is an image we recently sent this image out with an email blast to graphic designers and advertising agencies with the intent of generating interest in stock sales and assignment work. You can click here to promotional piece. You can see more of Treve’s lifestyle work on his Photoshelter site.

In Praise of Earth Day

tjp_442_4943.DNGWe’ve been preparing some of Treve’s images to display on the web for potential sales both as art prints and as stock photos.  This image was captured in February 2007 while on a backpacking trek in Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chile.  The majestic mountains, the swirling clouds and the ice speak to the power of nature.

Gone to the Dogs?

Mendo06_2708What’s a person to do when things are slow? How about a trip to the beach to play with the dog. Here’s an image we recently sent out on a electronic postcard to graphic design and advertising agencies.  You can also see  related images here. We’re looking for assignment opportunities to create action oriented outdoor lifestyle images and to sell usage of existing images.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

IR01_004_03Long before he took up up architectural photography as one of his specialties Treve captured this image of an Irish farm, photographed between the towns of Ballyconeely and Roundstone on the west coast of Ireland. This photograph was captured on film in 1981. Does anybody remember film?  Cheers and pass the Guinness please!

Bali Revisited

tjp_325_1365In 2004 Treve had the opportunity to visit Bali. The trip involved a quick stop in Tokyo with a visit to the Naritisan Temple and then to Bali where most of the time was spent on the rural country side of the interior around Ubud with a few days on the beach at Amed also. Away from the normal tourist haunts.  It’s only been recently Continue reading “Bali Revisited”

Romping in the Snow

tjp_679_6537Here’s an image we recently sent on an e-postcard to graphic designers, advertising agencies and related art buyers to promote stock and assignment work. You can view this image and related images by clicking here. Model releases are available for all images featuring people. Treve really enjoys capturing people having fun outdoors. Please contact us if you have an interest in these images.