High Sierra Architecture

It isn’t uncommon that I’m off hiking in the mountains when I’m not photographing architecture for clients. What is uncommon is stumbling onto a fine piece or architecture at 8600 feet in the Sierra, just out side of Sequoia National Park. My wife found this spot, Sequoia High Sierra Camp, after attempting to get into the Yosemite High Sierra Camps, which takes some luck, given the lottery. We spent three nights here.  Dinner, a five course gourmet meal,  is served in this pavilion. The facility is run by Burr Hughes, who creates a very hospitable experience. The pavilion is based on a design by the Roman architect Vitruvius. Burr has taken great efforts to make the facility Eco-friendly.  I’ve posted additional images from the trip in several galleries, including photos of the SHSC, photos taken on a back packing trip prior to our stay here, and photos taken in the vicinity of Sequoia.

More Wildflowers

Here’s a recent scan from an images that was captured on film some years ago.  The original was captured with a 6×17 camera which produces a huge negative. The image was converted to a digital file and is now available for prints or other uses. You can click here to zoom in to see the details. Reports are that this week the poppies at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve are at their prime. This image was captured near Gorman, not far from Interstate 5.

In Praise of Earth Day

tjp_442_4943.DNGWe’ve been preparing some of Treve’s images to display on the web for potential sales both as art prints and as stock photos.  This image was captured in February 2007 while on a backpacking trek in Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chile.  The majestic mountains, the swirling clouds and the ice speak to the power of nature.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

IR01_004_03Long before he took up up architectural photography as one of his specialties Treve captured this image of an Irish farm, photographed between the towns of Ballyconeely and Roundstone on the west coast of Ireland. This photograph was captured on film in 1981. Does anybody remember film?  Cheers and pass the Guinness please!

Bali Revisited

tjp_325_1365In 2004 Treve had the opportunity to visit Bali. The trip involved a quick stop in Tokyo with a visit to the Naritisan Temple and then to Bali where most of the time was spent on the rural country side of the interior around Ubud with a few days on the beach at Amed also. Away from the normal tourist haunts.  It’s only been recently Continue reading “Bali Revisited”

Petroglyphs in Bishop

tjp_683_7141Treve is in Bishop this week, working remotely, from his Eastern Sierra base (his son Aaron’s house), and testing the idea of working virtually. The idea being that with laptop and cell phone,  he can operate business from anywhere. The challenge is the awesome landscape that keeps distracting him and dragging him out into the surrounding environs. Earlier this week he went hunting for petroglyps along Fish Slough Road and Red Rock Canyon. Here’s an example of one of the images he captures. You can see more by clicking here.

Happy New Year

tjp_679_6553Here’s wishing you a prosperous year in 2009. We took a little break from the architectural photography to romp in the snow over the holidays. Here’s an image Treve captured while on a family outing. This was following a recent storm in the Sierra, photographed near Rock Creek. This image and related lifestyle images are available as on the website or on Photoshelter or AGPIX.

Fall Color

Aspen in fall color near Sonora PassTreve just returned from his annual fall color safari, and it looks like he caught the color in the Eastern Sierra at the peak. Here’s an image captured just east of Sonora Pass on Highway 108, with the aspen in full color and the mountains in the background. You can see more of the images from his trip here. The fall color trip included a drive through Yosemite going over Tioga Pass, a visit to Bishop Creek and North Lake and a return trip over Sonora Pass. The aspen were putting on quite a show above 8000 feet, with color below that elevation yet to develop. Treve also captured several panoramic images which we’ll be adding to the gallery shortly.

Saint Patrick’s Day

ir01_004_18.jpgWith Ireland on the mind, we decided to dig back into our archives and pull out some of Treve’s images from days gone by. Here’s a photo of Kylemore Abby photographed on a trip to Ireland in 1981. You can also find several black and white images in the gallery available as fine art prints.