Our First Aerial Gig

On Monday, March 4 we put the drone in the air for our first commercial client. We photographed a property in San Francisco for Marcus & Millichap. Having jumped through the hoops to obtain FAA certification and lined up insurance and such, we’re now in the air.

Viridian Bay’s website goes Live


We’re happy to say the Viridian Bay’s website is up, featuring our photography, and it’s quite a show piece. These photos were captured during a six day photo shoot in January.

El Cerrito Natural Grocery Annex

El Cerrito Natural Grocery Annex

Conscious Construction asked us to photograph the El Cerrito Natural Grocery Annex, and since we’re fond of photographing buildings at dusk, we waited for the right time of day and went to work.  While waiting for the right moment we took advantage of the opportunity to have a Latte and cookies.  The space inside is just as beautiful as the outside.  They will be providing prepared foods, with everything organic and sustainable.  Not all of the service was in place when we visited, so we’re anxious to go back when they have more of there services in place.


Photo on the Cover of ARCHnews

11-20-2013 10-35-04 AM


The November 2013 issue of ARCHnews, the newsletter for the East Bay Chapter of AIA (American Institute of Architects), has one of our photos on the cover page. The building illustrated is a truck leasing facility in San Leandro, photographed for both the architect, Thornton Weiler, and the general contractor Shaddle Construction. This is a good example of how multiple parties can benefit by sharing the cost of a photo shoot. I also wrote about this in an earlier blog entry where I talked about how planning for a photo shoot can help turn a mundane building into something interesting.

More that Meets the Eye

Truck leasing facility in San Leandro

How do you take a boring industrial facility and make it look interesting? You hire a professional.  Creating an image such as the one above is as much about creating an illusion as it is about documenting what’s there. There is a misconception among many of the prospects I talk to that it’s more about the equipment than it is about the craft. The image above is what I envisioned when I originally visited this location. The image below was captured on a walk-through. I suggested to the client that we photograph the building at dusk with the roll up doors open.  The image above, with a little bit of post-production wizardry is the final result. Is it worth hiring a professional that can make this happen? You tell me. This project was captured for Shaddle Construction, Inc. and Thornton Weiler Architect. Sharing the cost of a photo shoot like this one way to get the most from your marketing dollars. Here’s what I captured on the initial walk-through.


Picture Perfect Burgers

Yesterday we had the opportunity to photograph a new restaurant in Berkeley, Victory Burger, located at 1099 Alcatraz Ave (at San Pablo) in Oakland. The general contractor Black Creek Builders hired us to photograph the project and the restaurant owner, Sal Bednarz of Actual Cafe (which is adjacent to Victory Burger) came on-board to share the experience. While we were waiting, we had the treat of enjoying a burger and I must say this is an experience worth going out of the way for. The restaurant serves locally and sustainably farmed meat burgers, with artisan buns and organic produce, along with other sandwiches, crispy fries, and shakes.  The restaurant has limited hours 11-3 Wednesday through Saturday at the moment, with plans to expand those hours.